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Viking Masek Global Packaging Technologies
Job Description


The role of the Project Manager is to plan, execute and close projects according to the customer expectations, deadlines, and within budget. This includes planning resources and coordinating the efforts of engineers, production, service, purchasing, accounting and any other pertinent resources in order to deliver projects. The Project Manager will also define the project’s objectives and oversee quality control throughout its life cycle. The Project Manager shall provide continuous customer updates and effective communication via phone, onsite meetings, and email. They will meet with other departments and work with customer focused teams. They shall be an expert in Project Management and have knowledge of packaging industry.

Location: Oostburg, WI, USA


  • Bachelor's degree and/or 5 years equivalent experience


  • Engineering or Mechanical Design experience preferred
  • Packaging equipment or machine experience preferred
  • Manages machine schedule
  • Manages machine budget
  • Manages machine scope and order summary
  • Manages customer expectations
  • Works with internal or external sales
  • Directs purchasing on all project baggers & ancillary equipment
  • Maintains information systems for accuracy
  • Communicates with key suppliers – weekly meeting
  • Always sells the Viking Value Proposition
  • Attends trade shows when necessary
  • Orders/maintains trade show stock and machinery
  • Continuous improvement and industry training upkeep
  • Updates production schedule

Hours: Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm with a 1/2 hour unpaid lunch (can be flexible)

Reports to: Senior Project Manager

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