Head School Secretary at Urban Middle School


1.Successful secretarial experience, preferably in a school setting.
2.Possess a positive attitude and a solution-based focus.
3.Experience and ability to solve problems in a creative manner.
4.Ability to demonstrate time management and organizational skills.
5.Ability to demonstrate verbal and written communication skills within a specific timeline.
6.Ability to build positive relationships with staff, students, parents, and the community.
7.Ability to make appropriate timely decisions in the absence of the principal.
8.Possess excellent interpersonal skills.
9.Must like and enjoy working with children.
10.Willing to work beyond the typical workday when necessary.
11.Familiar with and able to utilize the Student Record System including student, family, and staff data.
12.Able to work with staff to record timesheets accurately for hourly employees and record staff attendance.
13.Advanced keyboarding skills and a working knowledge of the operation of all office equipment.
14.Experience and ability to document the distribution of student medication and assist students with health issues.
15.Experience and ability to use/demonstrate the use of Microsoft Outlook and Office programs.
16.Ability to order bus transportation for field trips throughout the school year.
17.Ability to write and/or create correspondence letters, brochures, handbooks, and newsletters within a specific timeline.
18.Experience and ability to demonstrate basic accounting tasks.
19.Knowledge and experience with a computer system for purchasing, budget entry, and attendance.
20.Ability to demonstrate the organization and management of an office budget.
21.Ability to complete Federal, State, and District reports.
22.Ability to order supplies and classroom materials for staff and maintain the supply room.
23.Experience and ability to manage student and adult lunch accounts' daily, weekly, and monthly operations.
24.Ability to assist with developing a school master schedule.
25.Ability to perform other duties as assigned by the building administrator.
The position is 11 months per year, Monday through Friday, August 1 through June 30. Work hours will be 40 hours per week. The starting rate for this position is $16.00 to $20.00 per hour Step 0 to Step 6.
Provide excellent customer service to students and staff. Supervise and coordinate office staff to ensure a high-functioning team-orientated atmosphere. Maintenance of student activity accounts. Responsible for training and in-servicing office staff regarding secretarial duties. Provide administrative support, especially in matters of confidentiality. Assist the administrative team in creating/maintaining the building schedule/budget. Typing correspondence for the administrative team including reports, evaluations, agendas, memoranda, handbooks, and newsletters. Answer telephones for administration and act as receptionist for conferences and scheduled appointments. Record staff absences and process timesheets. Report staff injuries. Perform monthly accounting for the Student Activity Fund and the meals program. Submit monthly cash summary report. Collect and make ready for deposit fees at registration, student fees, and fines, and monies handled throughout the year. Coordinate annual student registration process and assist students/parents registering. Follow up on unpaid registration fees. Process book fines, fees, etc. Update textbook inventory, order, and distribute textbooks to classrooms. Distribute room keys and account for same. Set up a schedule for annual parent/teacher conferences. Have a working knowledge of office machines and perform light maintenance. Record staff attendance and secure substitutes. In the absence of another secretary, this person will assist in covering those duties. Perform any additional tasks as determined by the building administrators.

Applications will be accepted only through the Wisconsin Education Career Access Network (WECAN). Go to: https://wecan.waspa.org/Employer/Vacancy/PublicSupport/3479 to create an account and submit your application materials.

Type of Position: Full Time Position

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