Airport Superintendent

Sheboygan County
Job Description
Purpose and Summary:
Reporting to the County Transportation Director, the Airport Superintendent will have primary responsibility for the management, operation, maintenance, development and promotion of the Airport and its facilities and interactions with airport users, FBO, and the general public.
Essential Duties:
Under the direction of the Transportation Director controls, supervises and monitors all County Airport property (1,039 acres).  Develops an annual airport operation budget, capital equipment budget and capital improvement projects budget, including purchasing.  Develops and prepares airport annual report.  Upgrades County five year Capital Projects Plan annually.  Direct responsibility for coordinating and supervising capital improvement projects and all other construction and/or maintenance/repair projects that are implemented at the airport.  Develops and establishes a six year Airport Development Plan every two years (pursuant to WI Stats. 114.31 criteria) and coordinates plan evolution with SBM tenants, Transportation Committee, County Board, WBOA and FAA and Advisory Committee when applicable.  Maintains a current and accurate Airport Layout Plan (ALP) as required by FAA criteria and coordinates periodic amendments to said plan with County, WBOA and FAA officials.  Administers Chapters 61-65 of the County Code of Ordinances; remains thoroughly acquainted with Airport ordinances, master plans and aviation flight procedures.  Ability to tactfully and effectively administer FAA, WBOA and County airport regulations.  Pursues and coordinates state, federal and other airport funding grants.  Initiates public hearings and composes funding applications, coordinates and implements application process with SBM tenants, Advisory and Transportation Committees, County Board, WBOA and FAA.  Serves as liaison to coordinate airport growth potential with such outside organizations as; Chamber of Commerce, WI Department of Development, WBOA, FAA, etc.  Supervises, directs and participates in the building and grounds maintenance of the airport; snow removal, inspect runways, taxiways, ramps and roads and assesses operational conditions, inspect visual and nav-aids equipment and other airport related equipment and keeps accurate records of appropriate maintenance. Administers Industrial, Commercial, Private, Agricultural, Recreational and other County Airport leases and contracts. Establishes reasonable and equitable rates and charges proportionately to all users of the facilities in accordance with sound principles and business practices. Provide supervision over all utilities, private contractors, or other personnel required to perform work in vicinity of airport runways, taxiways, ramps, roads, parking lots, etc.  Oversees the day to day operation of the airport, adheres to the policies and procedures outlined in Sheboygan County Code of Ordinances Aviation chapters 60 to 69 to ensure a safe and efficient operation of the airport; follows all relevant FAA and WBOA rules and regulations.  Flight regulations shall be in addition and not contrary to FARs.  Oversee and supervise the airports crash, fire, and rescue (CFR) equipment so as to maintain readiness status.  Responsible for the general preparedness of Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and directly responsible for implementation and supervision of aircraft incident/crash aftermath plan (e.g. neutralize, secure and transportation of aircraft and debris out of airports aircraft movement zones).  Responsible for providing safe ingress-egress for first responder and other authorized personnel in response to on-airport aircraft incident/crash situations.  Provide technical support, if requested, for first responder and other authorized personnel responding to off-airport (within Sheboygan County limits) aircraft incident/crash situations.  Effectively coordinate aircraft incident/crash aftermath plan/operations with authorized personnel (e.g. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigative team, Federal Aviation Administration investigative team (FAA) investigative team, Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics (WBOA) representatives, Federal, State and Local law enforcement officials, medical, Haz-Mat, insurance investigator, etc.) and to keep County Corporation Counsel and Transportation Committee apprised of the situation.  Coordinates FAA and WBOA airport facility safety inspections and implements corrective measures if applicable.  Provide daily Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs), via Green Bay FAA Flight Service Station regarding (e.g. safety/hazard conditions, snow removal ops, runway conditions, visual and/or nav-aids operational status, etc.) on a 24 hour, 7 day week availability.  Daily inspection and maintenance of airport rotating beacon, obstruction lights, runway/taxiways lighting, runway signage, surface guidance markings, navigational aids on and off airport.  Maintains records and supply inventory, conducts performance analyses on above referenced Visual and Navigational aids equipment which are not covered under outside maintenance service contracts.  Responsible for providing airport maintenance personnel with appropriate training.  Operates and supervises the use of heavy equipment vehicle fleet for airport snow removal operations and grounds maintenance.  Maintains all public services as they relate to the airport facility in an orderly, efficient and safe manner. 
Supervise and monitor the safe operation of the airports public water supply system and private sewage disposal system(s).  Comply with annual water sampling for bacteria and water chemistry testing as required by WDNR.  Provide annual maintenance as required per Department of Commerce criteria for sewage disposal system.  Responsible for Airport Facility site compliance with Wisconsin DNR Storm Water Pollution Discharge Permit, annual inspections and monitoring.  Serves as an appointed member on the County Airport Advisory Committee.
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