Head Custodian




  1. High School diploma or equivalent.
  2. Performance of and demonstration of developing the annual custodial supply budget.
  3. Performance of head custodian duty of directing a summer cleaning schedule in cooperation with contract cleaning. One or more years of experience in developing and coordinating employee schedules (including designing employee schedules, extra assignments, organizing work assignments, and prioritizing needs).
  4. Experience and ability to solve conflicts.
  5. Experience training staff in building maintenance and cleaning procedures and the development of a continual work improvement program.
  6. Ability to demonstrate and identify the key components of hot water and steam boiler system and troubleshoot a heating system or have completed a boiler class.
  7. Ability to identify the proper preventive maintenance procedures of building HVAC systems.
  8. Ability to learn the Sheboygan Area School District’s Energy Policy using time clocks and the Automatic Logic Control System.
  9. Experience and demonstrate knowledge of fire alarm systems and procedures associated with drills and minor troubleshooting.
  10. Experience with and the ability to identify cleaning procedures for classrooms, offices, bathrooms, carpets, synthetic, and hard floors.
  11. Knowledge of pool equipment, chemicals, cleaning, and operation.
  12. Experience with and the ability to demonstrate operation and troubleshooting of all custodial equipment.
  13. Ability to demonstrate and perform the seasonal maintenance of grounds.
  14. Ability to use hand and power tools.
  15. Ability to demonstrate the prioritizing of identified needs in a high school.
  16. Demonstration of being reliable and dependable based on attendance.
  17. Proven experience and ability to communicate and work well as a team member with the building principals, all staff, students, contract cleaners, and the public in a positive manner.
  18. Experience related to working with minimal supervision, being a self-starter, and taking initiative.
  19. Available to work additional hours including special events, weekend events, and building checks.
  20. Must be able to lift forty (40) pound weight overhead, unassisted.
  21. Must be able to work in confined spaces, elevated positions (scaffold, power lifts, extension ladders), and work outdoors in all seasons.
The hours for this position are 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The starting rate for this position is $18.40 per hour.
1.     Responsible for the overall physical appearance of the building - inside and out.
2.     Handle emergency maintenance situations.
3.     Responsible for the security of the building including responding to alarms when called.
4.     Conduct tours of the building for contractors, fire inspectors, health department inspectors, etc. upon request.
5.     Conduct frequent inspections of assigned areas to ensure that the custodians or contract cleaning staff complete all work in a proper and orderly manner, if applicable.
6.     Responsible for developing an annual budget for supplies and materials.
7.     Initiate orders for warehouse custodial supplies.
8.     Attend all custodial meetings called by the Coordinator of Facilities Services.
9.     Attend meetings with the principal at the school when asked.
1.     Supervise and direct the daily activities and assignments of all building custodial staff employees.
2.     Ensure that staff is informed of all safety and hazardous material handling procedures.
3.     Provide on-the-job training for new employees and a continual work improvement program for all regular custodians in cooperation with the building principal and the Coordinator of Facilities Services.
4.     Establish daily informational meetings with the night foreman.
1.     Responsible for the completion of monthly and quarterly reports (fire drills, building inspection, waste barrels, pool reports).
2.     Responsible for setting up maintenance schedules on power equipment.
3.     Responsible for maintaining an inventory of supplies and equipment.
4.     Coordinate the use of facilities with the Recreation Department, building principal, and custodians.
  1. Responsible for issuing work orders for repairs to equipment.
  2. Responsible for all electric motors - greasing and oiling of motors and belts.
  3. Responsible for checking, cleaning, maintaining, and changing all filters on all heating units.
  4. Responsible for setting all clocks (time changes, outdoor lights, security system, heating units, etc.)
  5. Develop and direct a program, which provides for the regular and systematic inspection of all mechanical systems by custodians and performs required repairs to assure their proper and efficient operation.
  6. Responsible for pool operation - testing, backwashing, etc.
  7. Responsible for the repair of cleaning machines and minor repairs throughout the building.
  8. Responsible for energy conservation in the school - heat, light, and water.
  9. Help to prevent property loss that may be caused by abuse, freezing, neglect, or careless usage.
1.     Responsible for the maintenance of school grounds including the cutting and trimming of grass, pruning, and care of trees and shrubs.
2.     Responsible for the removal of snow and the sanding and salting of designated sidewalks and parking lot areas.

Applications will be accepted only through the Wisconsin Education Career Access Network (WECAN). Go to: https://wecan.waspa.org/Employer/Vacancy/PublicSupport/3479 to view the vacancy and submit your application materials.

Type of Position: Full Time Position

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