Adult Education Adjunct Faculty

Posted: 11/11/2021

Salary Expectation: Per Adjunct Faculty Salary Schedule - $35.35 per hour (minimum)
Reports To: Dean of General Studies
Location:  LTC-Manitowoc and/or LTC-Sheboygan
Employment and Work Schedule: Day/Evening teaching assignments
Flexible hours based upon the needs of the college
NOTE: Adjunct Faculty positions are for specific classes only and do not imply any availability of full-time employment.
Provide instruction to Adult Education students, using varying methods of instruction to fit the needs of individuals and groups. Areas taught are English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, digital literacy, and other basic education skills. Facilitate learning using a defined curriculum. Assess student performance and outcomes. Develop and maintain current course materials working as a team with other Adult Education instructors. Provide direction to instructional assistants for tutorial and/or small group work.
Job Description 
• Responsible for placing learning first and providing educational experiences for learners in various formats, schedules, and in various places in accordance with the mission of the college inclusive of facilitating learning, assessing student performance, as well as instruction and outcomes, developing and maintaining current/relevant course materials, and communicating with the community, other schools, the college, the division, and team members.
• Courses offered both day and evening in face-to-face, online, virtual, and blended formats, both synchronously and asynchronously. 
• Team teaching with occupational instructors to provide wrap-around instructional support.
• Teaching/training in business and industry may be assigned.
• Provide an exceptional customer service experience to both internal and external customers throughout every interaction.
• Bachelor’s degree in a related field. Examples include Secondary Education, or a related degree with credits or training in the program content areas.
• Minimum of two years teaching experience with adults in an educational setting.
Other Qualifications*
• Adult classroom teaching experience preferred.
• Fluency with computer assisted instruction and software, including MS Office products.
• Working knowledge of PC software in a windows environment.
• Experience desired in delivering instruction by alternative methods, such as virtual instruction or online.
• Possess excellent classroom delivery skills, which encourages success and participation on the part of students.
• Must be innovative and able to collaborate with other staff in developing curriculum for classroom instruction.
• Must be well motivated and have a strong interest in contributing to the success of the college.
• Positive human relations and effective written and oral communication skills essential.
• Exemplify college values in all staff and student interactions as well as services delivered.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships and relate successfully with staff, students, and people of diverse cultural, social or educational backgrounds. 
• Fluency in more than one language is beneficial.
*Note: Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee an interview for a position.
Condition(s) of Employment
• Employment conditional on completion of a Background Information Disclosure (BID) with the results acceptable to the College.
• Must meet and maintain Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS) requirements within 5 years of employment.
Recruitment Period: Ongoing
Online Application Process
The LTC online employment application must be completed in its entirety to be considered for a position at Lakeshore Technical College.  To access the LTC online application system, click HERE to login or to create a new account login to apply for the position. For additional assistance, please contact Human Resources.

Type of Position: Part Time Position

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