Industrial Electrician Apprenticeship Instructor

Posted: 04/04/2022


LTC offers great benefits from health, dental, vision, life, even pet insurance! If you don't need health benefits you will receive a $4,000 stipend for waiving those benefits. We also offer a Retirement plan through the Wisconsin Retirement System as well as other supplemental retirement 403b and 457 plans. In addition, we have the option to contribute to the Wisconsin EdVest 529 Education Savings Plan.
Looking for time off? We offer PAID leave for sick leave (we call this paid leave of absence), and holidays. Faculty also receive 20 days of no class/no commit time. We have Friday's off in the summer and a Holiday break from Christmas through New Year's to give you a break from the busy semester!
There are so many additional benefits that we offer including tuition reimbursement, professional development, a free on-site wellness/fitness center and an on-site child care center. There are also employee discounts on plans with US Cellular, Sprint, Sports Core, and more. For additional information on all of our vast array of benefits, check out our benefits guide by clicking HERE.


Flexible day/evening/weekend hours, based upon the needs of the college


Lakeshore Technical College – Cleveland, Wisconsin

Position Overview:

Educate students with core knowledge and current developments in the discipline. Provide regular curriculum and course improvement with continually updated teaching methods. Participate in subject or program leadership teams and college-wide committees.  Work effectively in a team-based environment. Seek opportunities for continuous professional development. 
Teaching/training in high schools, business and industry may be assigned.  Provide 5 Star Service throughout all student/customer interactions.  

Faculty in this role are responsible for aligning current industry specific processes, technology, and software to student learning.  Coordinate and maintain shop/lab and equipment shared with other program areas.  Ensure the safety of students in potentially hazardous work environments through safe working practices and proper use of equipment.

Job Responsibilities:

Provide instruction to students in the Industrial Electrical Apprenticeship classes at Lakeshore Technical College.  Prepare, instruct, demonstrate and evaluate student performance to include basic and advanced functions of; electrical code, motors and controls, AC/DC, safety, PLC’s, fluid power and pneumatics, and transformers.  Remain current with the WTCS Industrial Electrician curriculum and trends in the industry.

Responsible for placing learning first and providing educational experiences for learners in various formats, schedules, and in various places in accordance with the mission of the college inclusive of facilitating learning, assessing student performance, as well as instruction and outcomes, developing and maintaining current/relevant course materials, and communicating with the community, other schools, the college, the division, and team members. Provide 5 Star Service throughout all customer interactions.


•    Journey-Level Industrial Electrical certificate is required.
•    In lieu of Journey-Level card, a Bachelor’s Degree with two years of verifiable related occupational experience required OR seven years (14,000 hours) of verifiable related occupational experience.
•    A minimum of two years (4,000 hours) of recent related occupational experience•    Two years teaching or training experience beneficial and/or one year of curriculum design/development experience beneficial. 
•    Experience with computer assisted instruction and software preferred.
•    Working knowledge of PC software in a Windows environment.
•    Experience desired in delivering instruction by alternative methods such as online preferred.
•    Possess excellent classroom delivery skills, which encourage success and participation of students.
•    Must be innovative and able to collaborate with other staff for developing curriculum for classroom instruction. 
•    Must be well motivated and have a strong interest in contributing to the success of the College. 
•    Positive human relations and effective written and oral communication skills essential. 
•    Exemplify college values in all staff and student interactions, as well as services delivered.
•    Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships and relate successfully with staff, students, and citizens of diverse cultural, social or educational backgrounds.
•    Fluent, bilingual individual is beneficial.

Condition(s) of Employment:

Type of Position: Full Time Position

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