IT Cybersecurity Adjunct Faculty

Posted: 12/13/2021

Salary Expectation: Per Adjunct Faculty Salary Schedule - $35.35 per hour (minimum)
Reports To: Dean of Business, Technology, and Hospitality
Location:  Lakeshore Technical College – Cleveland, Wisconsin
Employment and Work Schedule: LTC is recruiting for potential teaching assignments in the IT Cybersecurity Specialist program area. Ability to work non-standard hours including mornings, evening, and weekend hours.
NOTE: Adjunct Faculty positions are for specific classes only and do not imply any availability of full-time employment
Educate students with core knowledge and current developments in the IT cybersecurity discipline. Provide regular curriculum and course improvement with continually updated teaching methods. Participate in subject or program leadership teams and college-wide committees as needed and available. Work effectively in a team-based environment. Seek opportunities for continuous professional development. Remain well-versed in current industry trends and norms. Engage IT business leaders in a continual pursuit of knowledge for use in the classroom.
Job Responsibilities
Faculty in this role teach the IT Cybersecurity Specialist program. The role includes, as applicable to these programs, management of classroom technology infrastructure including Windows servers; user accounts; storage space and security; desktop installation and configuration; network wiring; and desktop, user, and network security. The management of computer lab equipment including desktop systems, laptops, printers, servers, KVMs, switches, UPS’s, and all aspects of virtualization systems is expected. The coordination of VMware Education Services including VMware product licensing is required. The provision of Service-Learning opportunities for students is expected. Management of firewall systems and software, and all related cybersecurity hardware and software.
• Maintain proficiency using emerging and existing technology in the development and delivery of curriculum.
• Alignment of course and program outcomes provides exemplary learning environments in which students develop critical technical skills, competencies, and knowledge for future career and educational success. 
• Assist in the maintenance of program accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission activities and requirements.
• Create effective relationships with district business partners for the purpose of establishing long term advisory and student experiential learning when applicable.
• Respond to student needs in a professional timeline synonymous with industry best practices.
• Teaching/training in high schools, business and industry may be assigned.
• Provide an exceptional customer service experience to both internal and external customers throughout every interaction.
• A Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, IT, CS, or related field or enrolled in, and actively pursuing, completion of a bachelor’s degree.
• Faculty are required to maintain CompTIA Academy Partnership.
• Certified in firewall system (Palo Alto Networks Certified or similar). 
• CCNA and Cisco certifications are HIGHLY preferred.
• Must meet requirements of appropriate accrediting agencies.
• Applicant must have a minimum of two years (4000 hours) of experience specific to program needs at the time of hire (recent experience preferred).
Other Qualifications*
• Two years higher education teaching experience desirable.
• Experience with computer assisted instruction and software, including MS Office products.
• Working knowledge of PC software in a windows environment.
• Experience desired in delivering instruction by alternative methods such as instructional television or online.
• Possess excellent classroom delivery skills, which encourages success and participation on the part of students.
• Must be innovative and able to collaborate with other staff in developing curriculum for classroom instruction.
• Must be well motivated and have a strong interest in contributing to the success of the college.
• Positive human relations and effective written and oral communication skills essential.
• Exemplify college values in all staff and student interactions as well as services delivered.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships and relate successfully with staff, students, and people of diverse cultural, social or educational backgrounds. 
• Fluent, bilingual individual is beneficial.
*Note: Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee an interview for a position.
Condition(s) of Employment
• Employment conditional on completion of a Background Information Disclosure (BID) with the results acceptable to the College.
• Must meet and maintain Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS) requirements.
Recruitment Period
Beginning: Monday, December 13, 2021
Closing:  Until position is filled
Online Application Process
The LTC online employment application must be completed in its entirety to be considered for a position at Lakeshore Technical College.  To access the LTC online application system, click HERE to login or to create a new account login to apply for the position. For additional assistance, please contact Human Resources.

Type of Position: Part Time Position

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