Special Education Educational Assistant

Posted: 11/14/2021


  1. Minimum of two years of college (48 credits), an associate degree, or successful completion of the SASD assessment.
  2. Must hold a Wisconsin DPI Special Education Program Aide license or be certifiable.
  3. Must hold a valid driver’s license. Employment is contingent upon the SASD insurance carrier approving insurability due to past and future driving record.
  4. Ability to be a well organized, self-motivated, and able to relate well with middle and school students and staff.
  5. Experience working with special needs students and knowledge of behavioral approaches is preferred.
  6. Ability to calmly handle stressful situations.
  7. Knowledge or experience with computer programs and assistive technology equipment.
  8. Ability to assist teacher in providing instructional support to individual student and in supervising student’s participation in classroom activities.
  9. Ability to self-monitor and prioritize the daily/weekly duties of the position with little supervision.
  10. Ability to consistently display a positive outlook and demeanor toward job.
  11. Ability to remain flexible in decision making and adaptable to change.
  12. Must possess outstanding communication skills with colleagues, parents, and students.
  13. Willing to be trained and use Non-Violent Crisis Prevention (CPI) including physical restraint.
  14. Bus duty (riding the bus with students) is required.
This position will involve 7.0 to 8.0 hours per day, Monday through Friday, during the school year. The starting rate for this position is $13.20 to $13.55 per hour.
Supervise students in classrooms, hallways, and throughout the building. Work closely with an autistic student, including documentation of the student’s behavioral program under the direction of the teacher. Assist with assignment modification when necessary. On a rotating basis, provide supervision of and processing for behavioral needs of students, according to IEP specifications. Maintain a positive demeanor even when behaviors escalate or stressful situations occur. Duties may also include clerical tasks and other duties as assigned by the teacher or administrator.

Applications will be accepted only through the Wisconsin Education Career Access Network (WECAN). Go to: https://wecan.waspa.org/Employer/Vacancy/PublicSupport/3479 to view the vacancy and to submit your application materials.

Type of Position: Full Time Position

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