Special Education Teacher

Posted: 11/14/2021

1.     Must be Wisconsin DPI certified in special education learning disabilities (LD) and emotional behavior disability (EBD), or cross-categorical (CC), middle childhood to early adolescent.
2.     Knowledge and experience working with LD, EBD, and ID students.
3.     Preferred training and experience in behavior management, social skills instruction, positive behavioral support strategies, and data collection.
4.     Knowledge and experience with reading instruction and a strong background in intervention programs/strategies. Preferred knowledge and/or experience with Balanced Literacy.
5.     Knowledge and experience with math instruction; including intervention strategies.

Candidates must demonstrate successful experiences with CWD students, especially EBD students. Desire and ability to work in a cross-categorical, inclusive delivery model with LD, ED, OI, OHI, and speech and language students. Willingness to collaborate with classroom teachers in the regular education setting. Must be knowledgeable in state standards and be able to modify and adapt the curriculum to meet the individual student learning needs. Ability to work with a variety of learning styles, relate to a wide variety of individuals. Ability to be flexible and work well with support staff, parents, and administration. Must be knowledgeable in the IEP process. Willingness to serve on the Building Consultation Team, as needed. Trained or willing to be trained and able to serve on the CPI non-violent crisis intervention team.
The Sheboygan Area School District is a strong advocate of best practices. Our District educational goals are centered on a Professional Learning Community model. We further support our PLC process with Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS), Response to Intervention (RtI), and 21st Century Skills. The successful candidate(s) for employment in our District need to have a strong working knowledge of the above-listed best-practice concepts that are the centerpieces of our District goals.

Applications will be accepted only through the Wisconsin Education Career Access Network (WECAN). Go to: https://wecan.waspa.org/Employer/Vacancy/PublicCertified/3479 to view the vacancy and to submit your application materials for each vacant position you are interested in.

Type of Position: Full Time Position

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