Deputy Sheriff

Sheboygan County
Job Description
A Deputy Sheriff is normally the initial law enforcement contact with the public.  A Deputy must be a community problem solver, proficient as a traffic accident investigator, traffic law enforcer, criminal and incident investigator, report writer and first responder.
A Deputy will achieve the most effective law enforcement services by working with the community to identify and resolve problems of mutual concern. A Deputy will help to prevent traffic accidents and deter violators through fair, consistent and courteous traffic law enforcement and determine where high accident volume locations exist so the officer can be most effective for the time spent. A Deputy will determine if violations of criminal law or ordinance have occurred, determine who is responsible for those violations, and apprehend and/or arrest the specific violator. When investigating a traffic accident, a Deputy will correctly record facts, enforce identified violations of the traffic code, assist the injured, protect the accident scene from subsequent accidents and restore normal flow of traffic as soon as practical. A Deputy’s reports will be a clear, complete, correct and concise report of assignments and investigations.  Completed reports should enable other Deputies or Detectives to work from them, enable the District Attorney’s Office to determine proper charges and prosecute those offenses, and enable other agencies to receive correct and necessary information as applicable. A Deputy will assist the District Attorney’s Office in the competent and correct prosecution of arrested persons. A Deputy will respond to all requests for assistance from the public as necessary. A Deputy will keep or restore peace, prevent injury or death, prevent damage to property and control crowds. A Deputy will act pursuant to legal writ or warrant and safely transfer prisoners to or from the State prison system, mental health facilities or local law enforcement agencies according to the specific judicial order. A Deputy will, during special events, provide traffic direction, special security measures or whatever is necessary so that these events may occur in a safe and orderly fashion. A Deputy will perform public speaking to inform the public about the various aspects of law enforcement on a local and state level and to portray a professional and competent Department image. Any other duties ordered by the Sheriff or his/her designee.
A minimum of a two year associate degree in a law enforcement related field and  be certified or certifiable by State of Wisconsin Training and Standards at the time of hire. Self-motivated with the ability to effectively, efficiently and entirely complete assignments with minimal supervision. Ability to work well independently or as part of a team. Ability to accept supervision. Ability to effectively manage civilians and inmates in a wide range of circumstances. Ability to effectively communicate in verbal and written form. Ability to work effectively under stressful conditions. Ability to maintain confidentiality and good working relationships with co-workers and other staff. Ability to maintain regular and predictable work attendance.
Please submit the DJLE305 for the application. Applications will be accepted through 5:00pm on Friday, November 8th, 2019.
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