Employ Humanity Launches Leadership Accelerator

November 12, 2019
PLYMOUTH, Wisconsin—Employ Humanity has launched an online learning platform to accelerate leadership development with a primary focus on Emotional Intelligence and servant leadership. The online leadership accelerator, designed with Employ Humanity characteristics, is comprehensive with videos, interactive live polling, self-assessments, inward-looking reflections and is taught by the founder of Employ Humanity Bill Marklein.
With the acceleration of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the World Economic Forum has declared Emotional Intelligence a top skill necessary for 2020 and beyond. Human-only skills are essential for career advancement especially for promotions into leadership roles.
In 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified workplace burnout as a syndrome. Emotional Intelligence is a competency necessary for sustainable emotional and mental health including successfully managing burnout.
“The primary challenge for businesses today isn’t strategy or technology adoption but the lack of Emotional Intelligence to successfully manage stress, anxiety and people to execute the strategy and work alongside the technology,” said Marklein. “The Employ Humanity Leadership Accelerator online platform is designed to close this gap. Not only will this training significantly improve leadership skills but also wellness, professional advancement and personal fulfillment.”
The online learning is available to both individuals and organizations around the world. To learn more CLICK HERE
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About Employ Humanity:
Employ Humanity LLC was founded by Bill Marklein in Plymouth, Wisconsin and is a business that delivers both on and off-site training and online learning to improve Emotional Intelligence to better connect, lead and serve humanity. Marklein works with companies and associations around the United States with a specialization in Emotional Intelligence and servant leadership in the workplace.

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