Viking Masek installs rooftop solar array at its US headquarters

January 06, 2020
OOSTBURG, Wis., JANUARY 6, 2020 – Viking Masek, a manufacturer of automated flexible packaging systems, is excited to announce the installation of a rooftop solar array at its US headquarters.

The array generates 239.76 kW of energy with 648 solar panels, providing enough electricity to power Viking Masek’s entire manufacturing plant plus saving enough electricity each year to power 28 homes in their local community.

Solar energy company Arch Electric began installation of the solar array in August 2019. The array was completed and began officially generating power for Viking Masek in late December 2019.

“An investment in modern solar power was a decision we collaboratively chose to pursue to fulfill our energy needs here at Viking,” comments Viking Masek’s Executive Vice-President, Robb Leonhard. “There will be many days when Viking will produce more energy than we utilize and this energy goes to the grid. This is a win-win for everyone.”

Looking toward the future, Viking Masek is proud to be moving in a sustainable direction with its energy production. Not only is the solar array a win for the environment and their local community, but it will aid in recruitment efforts and be an asset for sales and marketing.

"We're currently ramping up our recruitment efforts in a very competitive landscape, and the solar array differentiates us as an innovative employer in the eyes of potential hires," comments COO Ty Weinhold.

Director of Sales Bryan Lacy agrees. “As a young and growing company, we are always looking for ways to challenge the status quo. As the rest of the world moves forward, packaging equipment manufacturers often hold tight to safe, established technologies. For us, committing to renewable energy is just another way to bring modern technological innovations to an established industry."

Learn more about Viking Masek’s solar array and watch a video tour here.

About Viking Masek:
Viking Masek manufactures, sells, and services automated flexible packaging systems for a variety of food and non-food industries across North America and around the world, including VFFS machines, multilane stick and sachet packing equipment, pouch fill and seal machines, and STANDCAP pouch equipment. With its newly expanded 57,350 square foot manufacturing facility located in Oostburg, WI, Viking Masek serves the packaging equipment needs of local, national, and international customers.
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