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Classic Casino Entertainment is owned and operated by Dave and Heather Holton of Plymouth, Wisconsin. What began with a marriage proposal and two blackjack tables bought on credit, has grown into a family of six involved in a bustling business. While we've expanded our offerings beyond just casino entertainment, our fun-loving spirit is still the core of our business and the center of every event.

We have been in business for nearly two decades and have completed more than one thousand successful events. When you book an event with Classic Casino Entertainment you can feel confident that all the details will be taken care of. We draw on our experience to make every event a smooth and entertaining party!

Classic Casino Entertainment provides casino-grade equipment, entertaining and knowledgeable dealers, and a variety of classic casino games. We also offer customization including music bingo, trivia, murder mystery, DJ, emcee, and more. We also host paintball team building events at Road America---because why not?!?


Yes, these games are for the whole family!
No awkward small talk...just fun games!
Friendly and engaging dealers make the party!
It's better to learn when it's not real money!
Want to learn a new game? Our dealers are patient teachers.
It's the dealers that make the night special...but the tables are nice, too!
Filling every available inch with casino fun.
Holiday parties are more fun with games.
The thrill of winning, without the threat of losing!

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