Love In the Name of Christ of Sheboygan County

Love In the Name of Christ of Sheboygan County



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Our Mission Statement:

Mobilizing local Christian churches to transform lives and communities through relationships, In the Name of Christ

Love In the Name of Christ exists to help churches mobilize their members to be the hands and feet of Christ in their communities. As Christians, we are called to show the love of Christ to those in need. It is only through the love of Christ, living in and reflected by His people, that lives, burdened and broken by the world, can be transformed into wholeness.

When local churches united in the purpose of showing Christ's love in their community come together, they are a powerful force for transformation, not only to individuals and families, but to the entire community.

We build relationships with people so that we understand the root causes of a particular need and then connect people to the best resources within our community through our Partner Churches and community agencies. By focusing on the individual rather than the need, we affirm the value and potential of each person so that the cycle of chronic need can be broken.

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