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Mental Health America in Sheboygan County


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About Us

Mental Health America in Sheboygan County (MHA) is a nonprofit mental health resource center in Sheboygan County since 1963 that works to promote good mental health through education, increasing access to care and recovery/support services for mental health. The education program shares information on mental health, illness, and wellness in school, employer, and community-based settings. Areas of expertise and focus include mindfulness and stigma reduction training and support. Information and assistance is another service that provides confidential referrals and consultations around mental health and community services. Individuals, families, and professionals can connect with MHA staff via phone, email, or in-person to inquire about services and support for themselves or a loved one at no cost.

Lastly, MHA provides multiple services in the scope of recovery and support. Two peer-facilitated on-going support grief support groups held monthly through MHA include the Suicide Loss Support Group, for folks who have lost a loved one to suicide, and Compassionate Parents Support Group, for bereaved parents who have lost a child. li


  • Education and Outreach
  • Open Door
  • Support groups
  • Information and Assistance
  • Mindfulness


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Release Date: May 09, 2022

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