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Proudly supporting the incredible art of gilding for over 100 years, W&B Gold Leaf, LLC started business in 1905 as Wehrung & Billmeier, producing gold leaf, silver leaf, and precious metal leaf products. Wehrung & Billmeier is the last remaining gold leaf manufacturer in the United States. W&B Gold Leaf now sells a large variety of the highest quality leaf and gilding supplies made in America as well as imported products from the top manufacturers in Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The leaf products W&B stocks range from genuine gold, silver, palladium and platinum to imitation gold, imitation silver and variegated metal leaf and powders. The gilding supplies available include size (glue), surface sealants and topcoats as well as specialized gilding tools and brushes.


Gallery Image WB_Green_Gold_White.jpg
Gallery Image WB_GOLD_WITH_BLUE_TRIM_GOLD_LEAF_Centered.jpg
Vintage Gold Beater's Hammer
Blown Glass Art with Gold Foil and Gold Leaf
Reverse Glass Gilded Sign
Design for Reverse Glass Gilded Sign
Urban F Billmeier (Second Generation)
Urban R Billmeier (Third Generation)
Gallery Image Wehrung_and_Billmeier_Co._60's_photo_Inspecting_liquid_gold_at_2000_degrees_F.jpg
Gallery Image Wehrung_and_Billmeier_Co._60's_Photo_of_Gold_Beater_plying_his_trade.jpg
Gallery Image Wehrung_and_Billmeier_Co._60's_Photo_Placing_quarted_Shoder_gold_into_Mould.jpg
Gallery Image Wehrung_and_Billmeier_Co._60's_Photo_weighing_Gold._Silver._and_Copper_for_23K_alloy.jpg
Gallery Image 15_Wehrung_and_Billmeier_Co._Late_40's_Photo_12_Gold_Beaters_beating_gold_into_leaf.jpg
Vintage Staff Photo
Gold Beating Stations
Company Staff 1934
Gold Leaf Cutting & Booking
Gold Beaters
Gold Beaters
Chicago Shop Photo
Gilded Race Car
Gold Leaf During Glass Gilding Project
Gilded Frame
Gilding Tools and Leaf
Reverse Glass Gilded Sign
Gilded Joan of Arc
Gilded Fork for Meals on Wheels Event
Gilded Fork for Meals on Wheels Event
Surface Gilded Sign
Reverse Glass Gilded Tavern Mirror Sign
O'Briant Gilded Art

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