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Love God, love people and serve the world. This is our purpose and process. Our vision and our mission.

WHY?: We have the greatest message in the world, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel that says we were loved in the middle of our sin and that the punishment for our sin was taken by Jesus. He has empowered us to live a life of freedom in Him to show the world His glory and grace. When we love God, we will love what He loves. God loves people, so the next natural step would be to grow in our love for one another. As we grow in our love for others, it motivates us to serve in order to show them the love of God. When we show others His love through our lives, they grow in loving God, loving people and serving the world.

WHAT?: Now that we know why we do what we do...what are we going to do about it? Our calling is to make disciples. We want people to grow as disciples in their understanding and application of the truth found within the Word of God. Disciples are people who not only hear the truth but also understand and apply that truth to their lives.

HOW?: We believe that discipleship happens best in the context of relationships because that is where trust exists. Family is important to us at Word of Grace and we strive to create opportunities for relationships to form, grow and thrive. We want people to ''do-life together'' and not simply just come to church. Church is not somewhere we go, it is who we are.This is our call to be the Church; to make disciples who are growing in loving God, loving people and serving the world.


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