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*All information subject to change based on the needs of participating organizations.

The full program will include 10 half-day sessions (roughly 4 ½ hours each) alternating between morning and afternoon each month. A book read will take place throughout the program (The Truth About Leadership or similar) and guided discussions in a group setting will lead off each session. All participants will be placed in groups and will be required to complete a group project outside of the regularly scheduled days. This will include 10 hours of community service to a participating non-profit. Students will be expected to engage/learn details to create their project as a team and be prepared to present on graduation day as a team (guidelines and mentorship will be provided). Morning sessions will be held from 7:30 am – 12:00 pm and afternoon sessions will be held 11:30 am – 4:00 pm. School credit for this program is available.

August 2023 – SIMSOC - Morning
Introduce book reading – The Truth About Leadership (provided)
Short for “Simulated Society,” SIMSOC is a role-playing exercise run by Well Said Public Relations, LLC. Participants grapple with issues like abuse of power, justice, diversity, and trust, while coping with political turmoil, natural disasters and labor strife. Going through this session is extremely valuable and the participants refer to this day all year long.

September 2023 – Team Building – Afternoon
Booth Leadership – DISC assessment
Held at Camp Y Koda, this session develops team-building skills with speaker presentations and an afternoon spent outside with team games and activities. Problem-solving, trust and leadership responsibilities are brought out.

October 2023 – Quality of Life - Morning
Booth Leadership – Passions & Values (community visits)
This session gives participants a taste of the many attractions Sheboygan County has to offer. The day is filled with tours of various cultural venues.

November 2023 – Health Care & Social Services - Afternoon
From the disabled worker to the cancer patient to taking care of the elderly, this session presents a wide variety of health care issues. Along with presentations by health care and social service organization professionals, tours of facilities may be given.

December 2023 – Diversity & Inclusion Day - Morning
(examples may include: RCS Empowers sensitivity training, PRISM training, DEI training with consultant)
This day covers diversity, equity, and inclusion. Topics include race, religion, age, sex, disability, and culture. This session generates not only awareness but understanding and empathy as well.

January 2024– Government & Transportation - Afternoon
(examples may include: mock trial or city planning commission meeting, city bus tour, elections – how to register, where to find information, practice voting, talk with elected officials)
This day provides a first-hand opportunity for participants to ask questions of city, county, village and township officials, as well as visiting government and transportation facilities.

February 2024 – Criminal Justice - Morning
(examples may include: dispatch center tour, police department tour, unconscious bias training with SPD, internet crimes presentation)
This session not only gives an in-depth look at the police and sheriff’s departments, but also probes into issues like drug and alcohol problems in the county and their impact. Tours are taken of law enforcement centers and participants may see close-up what a jail cell looks like.

March 2024 – Education - Afternoon
Booth Leadership – Managing Conflict (examples may include: presentation by higher education partners, local military partners and trades)
This session informs participants of the many educational opportunities after high school that Sheboygan County offers.

April 2024 – Economic Development - Morning
(examples may include: how to start a business, writing a business plan, what is economic development and how does it affect communities, housing: why does it cost so much)
In this valuable session, participants are presented with varying opinions on local and global economies. Panel presentations and discussions allow participants a chance to ask questions. Tours of local businesses give participants a chance to see local manufacturing in action.

May 2024 Graduation - Afternoon
Students will gather for a graduation ceremony celebration. Groups will give their Project presentations. Graduation festivities may include a movie, swing studio, bowling or mini golf). In addition, an after-hours career and school fair will be provided onsite at the Chamber, with parents invited.

The Goal after ten months of Junior Leadership Sheboygan County?

…Friendships have been made and a strong bond felt towards Classmates and Community
…Discovering what it means to be a Leader
…The ability to take the information presented and use it both personally and professionally
…Introduce high school students to education, employment, and volunteer opportunities throughout Sheboygan County.
…Engage high school students in local offerings and resources, such as internships and co-ops to encourage students to stay here beyond graduation or return after college/military completion.
…Teach leadership skills such as stewardship, team building, managing conflict, public speaking, working in diverse settings and so much more.
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