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About Us

Wellness. Rebuild. Recover. Longevity. We're living in a world that demands everything of us, and we're not always able to deliver. But it doesn't have to be this way. At ReGenesy we ReBUILD! Our aim is to give you the tools you need to challenge disease, defy aging, and reach your peak of health and performance.

What if you could:
Rebuild your gut
Recharge your brain
Restore your body
Regenerate your joints
Reverse the clock on aging

ReBUILD with ReGenesy's proprietary nutrition protocols, supplements, services and lifestyle recommendations.
ReFUEL with our carefully-curated services to improve your performance.
ReBOOST with our line of extremely effective athletic recovery tools.

ReGenesy is here to help you healthify your life.
We at ReGenesy defy the aging process and We help you to rebuild your body from a cellular level.

Electrification (PEMF),
We believe these are core values of todays Health and Wellness.

We believe the future requires a higher standard of health.
It’s time for you to live your life without limits. ReGenesy gives you the tools you need to challenge disease, defy aging, and reach your peak of health and performance.

Let us help YOU!
Whether your Biggest obstacle is YOU believing you're in control of your life
Control over your body
Control over your health
To look and feel great

Visit our for more information. Call 920-452-0205 to get a FREE Tour and BioCharger Session :)


HyperBaric Oxygen
Ozone Sauna with Oxygen
Super Sauna Redlight-Infrared and Gemstone Therapy
Red Light Bed with Activated Oxygen
Biocharger (PEMF)
iMRS Mat (PEMF, Infrared, color therapy, and Binaural Beats)
Brain Tap Light Therapy and Binaural Beats programs
LIVE02 System Treadmill or Bike
Gallery Image 9.png
ALLCORE360 2 Free Sessions
Power Plate
Hoist Machine
ARX Work out in under 30 minutes
IV Therapy with Nutrients

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